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VIR Series Portable FTIR Spectrometer

VIR Series Portable FTIR Spectrometer

A range of lightweight and easily transportable FTIR spectrometers. 

Including a hermetically sealed interferometer with anti-vibration technologies for demanding laboratory and field applications where a laboratory instrument may be unsuitable. The collimated entrance and exit ports make it an ideal instrument for a wide range of user-designed experiments.

System description

The standard instrument includes a hermetically sealed interferometer, DLaTGS detector, high intensity ceramic light source, KRS-5 windows and automatic alignment. Options are available for increased sensitivity, optional spectral ranges including NIR, and battery operation

  • ● Three models: VIR-100, 200 and 300
  • ● 45 deg Michelson sealed interferometer with KRS-5 windows and gold coated light weight corner cube mirrors
  • ● DLaTGS detector (standard) MCT and InGaAs (Options)
  • ●‘Antivibration learning system’ for the moving mirror for industrial environments
  • ● Accessories for ATR, Transmission and Diffuse or Specular Reflectance
  • ● Customizable for in-situ measurements in factory or field locations
  • ● Multiple configuration of up to three accessories on one spectrometer with external connection optics
  • ● Universal optical base allowing users to build customized systems
  • ● Eco-friendly system including sleep-mode as well as a compact & space-saving design
  • ● High-speed monitoring with optional 40 Hz Rapid Scan
  • ● Comprehensive self-diagnostics & validation
  • ● USB connection with Spectra Manger™ Suite PC control and analysis

Product Specialist

Mats Grapne Kovalent

Mats Grapne

"More than 30 years experience in the field of HPLC, Spectroscopy and other analytical equipments. Contact me if you have questions or need a quotation"

VIR-100 General Purpose Mid IR Spectrometer

  • General-purpose Mid-IR  Spectrometer
  • Spectral Range: 7,800 to 350 cm-1
  • Resolution: 0.9 – 16 cm-1
  • S/N ratio: 18,000:1 (DLaTGS)

VIR-200 High resolution Mid-IR Spectrometer

  • High resolution and advanced anti-vibration technology
  • Maximum resolution for both solids and gases
  • Maximum resolution 0.4 – 16 cm-1
  • Spectral range: 7,800 to 350 cm-1
  • S/N ratio: 22,000:1 (DLaTGS)

VIR-300 NIR Spectrometer

  • NIR interferometer for a wide range of near-infrared applications.
  • Optional sampling systems include a fiber optic interface with sample probes and a range of diffuse reflectance accessories for quality control applications
  • NIR configuration with CaF2 beam splitter and halogen light source
  • Spectral range: 15,000 to 2,200 cm-1
  • Maximum resolution 0.4 – 16 cm-1

Combination with MultiChambIR Attachment

Up to three measurement modes in one attachment

External connection optics allows users to install up to three attachments in one system and to simply by switch from one to another. Furthermore, Universal optical base enables users to freely customize optics by placing mirrors and sample holders onto the base. Therefore, even a large sample or an attachment which cannot fit in the main compartment, can be applied.

Combination with External Connection Optics

  • A wide variety of measurement attachments are available.

    Name of AttachmentMain Application / Feature
    SmartTech Attachment Qualitative measurement of powder and solid sample
    Fiber Interface Attachment Process monitoring
    Long Path Gas Cell Attachment Quantification of gas concentration
    Single Reflectance ATR Attachment Surface analysis of powder, solid and liquid sample
    NIR Specular Reflectance Attachment Non-destructive measurement of food and medicine
    IRT-1000 Micro IR Attachment Foreign object
    Autosampler Attachment High throughput analysis of drugs, etc.
    Transmission Measurement Attachment Qualitative / quantitative analysis of film sample
    MultiChambIR Attachment Three measurement modes (Transmittance/reflectance, diffusive reflectance and ATR) in one attachment

System Configuration Examples

Dedicated accessory configurations include gas cells, microscopes, NIR fiber optics, and open path analyzers. The MPS sample compartment allows connection to commercially available FTIR accessories. The system is designed for high performance in the laboratory and in the field.

External Connection Optics

Qualitative, surface and quantitative analysis can be carried out in one system.

Foreign Objective Analysis

A wide range of sample sizes from centimeter to micron can be applied.

Universal Optical Base (Gas Analysis)

A wide range of gas concentration can be applied by attaching gas cells with several different path lengths.