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Jasco V-730 UV-vis Spectrophotometer

Jasco V-730 UV-vis Spectrophotometer

User friendly and
for general-purpose

The V-730 is a general-purpose double-beam spectrophotometer with a compact space-saving design. Its excellent spectroscopic performance is suitable for routine bio, QC, teaching and research applications.

Jasco V-730 UV-vis Spectrophotometer

User friendly features include IQ Accessory for automatic accessory recognition and IQ Start for quick start of routine measurements. The V-730 UV-visible spectrophotometer is operated by Spectra Manager™ Suite, the latest innovative, cross-platform spectroscopy software, or the iRM, a handheld controller with color LCD touch screen. Both provide full system control and advanced data processing. Spectra Manager™ CFR (for 21 CFR part 11 compliance) is available as an option.

  • ● Double-beam spectrophotometer with single monochromator
  • ● Silicon photodiode detectors
  • ● Wide wavelength range – 190 to 1100 nm
  • ● Fixed bandpass 1.0 nm for high resolution measurement
  • ● High-speed scanning up to 8,000 nm/min
  • ● Dedicated V-730 bio for bio-physical analysis

Product Specialist

Mats Grapne Kovalent

Mats Grapne

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  • Simplicity and Ease-of-Use

    Both Spectra Manager™ and the iRM provide an intuitive interface allowing first time users to operate the instrument with ease.
  • Compact Design

    The V-730 is compact with dimensions of only 441 (W) x 468 (D) x 216 (H) mm.

  • High-Speed Scanning

    High-throughput optics and fast response detectors allow the V-730 to scan at speeds up to 8000 nm/min without wavelength tracking errors.
  • Sampling Accessories

    A wide range of sampling accessories include: autosamplers & sippers, cell holders, flow cells, temperature controllers and software applications.
  • Instrument Validation and Regulatory Compliance

    The V-730 includes user-selectable validation to USP, EP and JP (or manually editable). With optional IQ/OQ.

Other V-730 features

Dark Correction
Stray light reduction features enable highly-accurate measurements of high-absorbance samples.

Monochromator Step Scanning
Step scan function provides reliable peak assignment of samples with sharp or narrow absorption peaks.

IQ Accessory
Automatic accessory recognition matches the measurement program to the attached sampling accessory.

Spectra Manager™ Suite for Windows (with optional 21 CFR part 11 compliance) and iRM hand-held controller for comprehensive control, acquisition and data processing.

IQ Start
For routine operation a measurement method can be activated with a simple push of the ‘Start Button’, great for routine operation or speeding up measurement for multiple users.

A comprehensive selection of over 50 sampling accessories for gas, liquid and solid samples are available for many dedicated sampling applications.

Regulatory Compliance
For GxP compliant laboratories, instrument validation protocols to USP, EP and JP are included as standard. IQ/OQ support is also available.